Oct 01 Best Deal for Florida Keys

Most people tend to vacation in the sunny, temperate times of the summer, but once the fall begins to set in and week after week of work stresses begin to rear their ugly head, a weekend getaway might just be the perfect solution to reducing your worries, spending quality time relaxing and creating that summer vacation vibe all over again!

A short roundtrip weekend jaunt to a bed and breakfast in Burlington, Vermont runs less than $300 for airfare leaving out of Washington, D.C. And if you live In the hustle and bustle of Marble city, a pleasant excursion to the rolling autumnal foliage of Vermont will be most welcome. Three and four star hotels are bountiful in the beautiful state and Burlington offers three star, fully equipped and fully stocked inns like the Courtyard Marriot on Burlington Harbor. If you’re more active, there are hiking trails and parks to check out in Burlington. But if you would rather spend the weekend in bed and only get your exercise shopping and dining, Burlington can suit those needs too. Vermont can get expensive for weekend getaways though, so in order to find the best deals for your hotel, browsing our site is your best bet.

A nice idea for weekend getaways for those who live in warmer climates but want to delay the coming of winter just one weekend longer may be an escape to the Florida Keys. The best deal for flights and hotel stays in the Keys can be found on our site. For a weekend in October, the average rate for flights from points like Orlando or Atlanta run about $400 to $600 for a three-day weekend. Hotel stays are also in the same price range. The Keys are a world-renowned vacation spot for the charm rich restaurant scene, the tropical paradise vibe and the super friendly, quirky population. You can’t go wrong with a getaway to this gem of Florida.

And what about folks who live in the Midwest and are looking for the best flight deals and best hotel deals for a weekend getaway? Come to Chicago for a weekend of fine dining, shopping and entertainment. Leaving from a Midwest hub like Kansas and heading to Chicago runs you only $104 roundtrip! Now that’s the best flight deal you can find, hands down. No matter where you’re coming from, hotel deals for a fall weekend getaway in the heart of downtown Chi-town can be found ranging from the modest $300 three star hotel to the splurge of an $800 hotel  with all the works!

West Coast dwellers may enjoy a weekend getaway to Sin City. Even if gambling isn’t your favorite activity, it’s time to see Las Vegas with new eyes. Spas, world class shopping and hotel rooms that rival any of the world’s finest resorts and restaurants of any and every variety can be found and when you’re looking for the best deal, our site will show you rooms and flights to Vegas that can’t be beat! Roundtrip air fare out of LAX starts at $104 and hotel deals that are out of this stratosphere, literally, a weekend stay at the Stratosphere Tower Hotel and Casino is only $214. 

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