Sep 29 Best Deal Flights to Egypt

Understandably, everyone is looking for the best deals flights and hotels during their holidays. Even as you go on holiday its necessary to ensure that you get the best value for your money. Egypt is a historical holiday destination with a great offering. From the towering pyramids to the sun temples of Abu Simbel. For the longest time now Egypt has been a favorite holiday destination due to its historical and archeological significance. The rich collections of artifacts offer a great relaxing haven extending to the sandy beaches. But do not be fooled Egypt is as modern as they get, with proper and stunning accommodation for people on holidays.

The Nile valley offers some of the well known attractions including the pyramids and great sphinx of Gaza, valley of the kings, Karnak temple complex and Abu Simbel. With that said, it is important to ensure that there are best deal flights to Egypt as you plan for your holiday there. You will require visas as you enter Egypt, which can be obtained as soon as you get there. However, if you plan on making regular visits, you can obtain a multi-entry visa. Giza is located about 20 km southwest of Cairo. It is the home of some of the ancient monuments of the world listed above.

The Saqqra is about 30 KM south of Cairo. It is a large ancient burial ground with an array of pyramids, including the most ancient standing step pyramid in the world. Luqor is about 500 Km from Cairo. This site offers ruins of ancient temple complexes of Karnak and Luxor. Another great masterpiece of the ancient days worth visiting is the Abu Simbel –this archeological site boasts of the huge and ancient rock temples originally carved out of a mountainside.

As you scout for the best deal hotels in Egypt, it’s necessary to consider the summer resort city of Alexandria. It is endowed with sunny beaches and just as most of the tourist attractions in Egypt, it is rich in historical extravagance and museums. There is a modern project currently being undertaken in Alexandria worth noting –the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. It is an effort to revive the ancient library of Alexandria. If you are a lover of scuba diving and snorkeling the  red sea coast will offer a spectacular collection of coral reefs and marine life just for that.

Then there is the Sinai peninsula; here you will find an exposition of bible history, coral reefs and spectacular natural mountain settings. At the same location, you will find the Saint Catherine Monastery, which is regarded as the oldest working monastery. In addition the Sinai peninsula has the, the the beach resort of Taba, Dahab, Sharm-el-Sheikh and Nuweiba.

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