Sep 22 Best Deal for Flights and Hotels at Christmas

Still looking for more of the best deals for flights and hotels? Well, let’s look a bit further out in the calendar and talk about Christmas time and New Years Eve. Have you ever dreamt of spending Christmas, just you and your spouse, and maybe even the kids, in a faraway destination - Hawaii maybe? -  sipping mai tais on the beach instead of taking turns shoveling snow from your driveway? C’mon! Who hasn’t? Well, this year may be your year. And what about New Year’s eve? Sure, everyone knows about the big ball drop in Times Square, but what about celebrating in super European style, on ancient cobblestone streets where free flowing wines and tapas like you have never tasted are around every corner?  Yes, we’re talking about party central for New Year’s Eve – Ibiza, Spain.

These destinations don’t have to be just dreams anymore. If you’re looking for the best flight deals, then start here and you won’t be disappointed. Holiday travel can get astronomically expensive so, even if Hawaii or Ibiza is a little out of your comfort zone or a little out of your budget, find your travel destination at a fantastic price right here on But, while we’re dreaming, let’s show you a couple examples of these fantastically priced travel destinations awaiting you.

Surf the pipeline, tour a pineapple factory or island hop from just $1199 if you fly from the east coast (New York City) to Honolulu, Hawaii. This deal is available December 18 through December 28, you’ll have a chance to stay over on the Big Island during Christmas and see how all the natives bring in the holiday.

Moving on to an even more exotic locale – especially since your Christmas is planned, wink wink! – it’s time to consider New Years Eve. Grab the one you plan to kiss or go it alone to the international party capital: Ibiza, Spain. Take Air Europa and get there in just a short 10 ten hour jaunt around the world for just $1152. All day boat parties happen in every port in Ibiza and the city is internationally known for its nightclubbing culture. The streamers, the confetti, the lights, the people will all be there for New Years and if one club isn’t your favorite, there are hundreds of others to choose from. Beach side or in the city, Ibiza is a premium party environment – perfect for New Year revelers!

Of course, the best deal for hotels is also available on our site. Check out this amazing deal: $603 for a single room in a two star Spanish hotel on the beaches of Ibiza for – prepare yourself  - 15 days! An unbelievable price! For Hawaiian Christmas stays, our best hotel deals will get you 14 days for $2300 at a three star hotel in beautiful Waikiki, close to all the sights and within walking distance to the beach.

Remember, you have plenty of choices, but why not go with the one that will save you money and guarantee a memorable trip. Make your favorite travel site!

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