Sep 21 Best Deals for Holiday Destinations

Searching for the best deal for flights and hotels is one thing, finding the ultimate destination of your dreams (or just your quick escape!) and keeping those price points alive and well at the same time is quite another.

Our website aims to give you the best of both worlds by searching 250,000 hotels worldwide and millions of flights. So now the question is – where do you want to go? In this post we have put together a few great travel destination ideas from each coast for you to consider. These are, of course, the best deal for flights we could muster up and just in time for the holidays, now is the time to purchase your tickets for your next exciting escape.

Leaving from the New York City area the week before Thanksgiving, you can find flights to the always hot and spicy, Cancun Mexico, on American Airlines for $786 round trip! Why Cancun? Well, there’s more than 14 miles of white sandy beaches coupled with ridiculously blue water (turquoise is the word we’d use, really!) and a killer nightlife situation that is sure to keep you partying all night with the bevy of beautiful men and women of Mexico. We suggest nightclubs Coco Bongo and Dady’O. But they are touristy, so if you want something more upscale, Cancun won’t disappoint. There are hundreds of contemporary clubs that cater to the luxury elite. Though traveling in November will have you missing the migration of whale sharks and ancient sea turtles, what will stay in place forever are the Mayan Ruins just outside Cancun. Chichen Itza and the ruins of Tutum and Coba are breathtaking spots that only require a day’s travel and with our best deals for rental cars, you needn’t worry about making arrangements to see them. What’s more, Cancun is also considered one of the safest Mexican holiday destinations, so, if Thanksgiving dinner with the family in the blustery cold sounds less than appealing to you this year, then get your best flight deal now and plan your escape!

          You might also consider something a bit more exotic for the holidays. If you’re in a warmer climate and you’re looking to have a genuine “white winter” then try a beautiful place like Oslo, Norway. Yes, indeed, Oslo can be all yours for only $736. This should give you an idea of the options has to offer you. When paired with some of our stellar best hotel deals, for example, in November, you can stay for 2 weeks in a four star Oslo hotel for a little under $1,600USD. Our competitors offer rates MUCH higher than that, so be sure to browse our best deals for hotels carefully – save yourself the trouble and make your favorite travel site!


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